BTL Activations

When launching a product, or wanting to increase its visibility and give an opportunity for the customer to directly interact and experience the products/services – road shows are a highly cost effective medium .We have implement nationwide on going promotion for clients across FMCG ,durables ,IT and Services industries, Incentive program that fits your employ interest ,keep them motivated .Product launches provides amongst the right target segment is key challenges when implementing a products launch. Shop promotions programs great important in the launch phase of the product. Rural Marketing provided the different in the kind of media mix that is used to convey the message to rural customers. Focused Group Promotion are also launched that your target, The communication can be focused the budget are focused and the impact is focused customer loyalty program will ensure that you engage your customer with your brand. Merchandising ,Direct Marketing, Data Base Management MDU(Mobile Display Unit) are also included in this. .MDU can also be combined with activities to easily create a promotion also detail market and geographical itineraries and execute the same.